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What's Behind The Mask?
The Transformational Power of Performative Alter Ego

'What's Behind The Mask?' explores the artistically therapeutic and transformational mental health aspects of the alter ego and introduces artists who work in alter ego - taking 'What's Behind The Mask?' both literally, as well as figuratively.


This project aims to filter these experiences into an exploration & galvinization of others using alter egos for healing. It will include:

  • Research & discussion with 5-10 artists who use masks, alter-egos, disguise in their work that will be filmed and later transformed into a mini-documentary film. 

  • A one day event of performances, discussions & workshops that centres on these artists specifically, incl. workshops intended to help others use alter ego to address mental health. 

  • A mini documentary of 3-5 of these artists to be screened at the event as well as published and archived online for free viewing.

  • The possibility to use this first project as a stepping stone leading on to future projects exploring the art of the alter-ego via a feature length documentary film and/or a stage play/live performance.  

The Artists

Artists currently involved with the project thus far are:










     Kat Toronto, aka "Miss Meatface"                          Virgin Xtravaganza                                         Marnie Scarlet

With more artists being added to the roster as the project progresses. 

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