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Kat Toronto, aka "Miss Meatface", is a multidisciplinary artist hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area that works in performance based photography. Diagnosed with a rare form of cervical cancer in 2010 that eventually led to a total hysterectomy in 2013, Kat uses Miss Meatface as an artistic and spiritual catalyst to delve into a complex set of questions about where she now fits into society as a woman. 

“Miss Meatface began in mid-2014 as an artistically therapeutic outlet for me while I was going through a particularly traumatic period in my life: a year before I'd undergone a total hysterectomy for cervical cancer and my marriage was ending. The surgery left me confused and conflicted. Long after my body had physically healed my mind was still reeling from the experience. So I began using photography - self portraiture in particular - as a way to explore concepts of sexuality, feminine beauty, and gender roles in an effort to try and dissect all of these complex thoughts that had been riddling my mind.”

In late 2023 Kat began work on an innovative new ongoing video project that delves into the realms of fetishism, identity, and sensory play through the medium of ASMR and aims to address complex issues surrounding artistic taboos, particularly for female artists. Through this new artistic venture, she hopes to further explore the nuances and challenges faced by artists when incorporating elements of sexuality and eroticism into their art, contemplating societal perceptions and shedding light on the intricate interplay between art and the provocative.

Kat currently resides in London, England.

Kansas City Art Institute
2005, BFA in Fiber Art

Kansas City, MO


California College of  The Arts
1999-2002, Photography & Textiles

Oakland, CA

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